Stewart Arnold Lyrical Jazz Master

I have known this master of all things lyrical jazz since we both taught at Pineapple in the “early” days (lol!).  At the time we were both working dancers supplementing income by teaching and just being part of a very exciting dance vibe in Covent Garden.  Stewart was dancing with Wayne Sleep’s DASH and also in “Song & Dance” in the West End.  When he rang me to ask if I would be interested in him teaching at my school I had him on the payroll within 10 days!  So, here is a man who has soooo much knowledge, wisdom, technical expertise and experience both artistically and professionally . . . and he wants to share all this with schools and as many youngsters as possible

Have you considered booking Stewart for a Masterclass at your dance school?  For private tuition or maybe you want to join his new company "The Yorkshire Youth Jazz Theatre"  

Please email me to find out more . . .